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Monday, October 21, 2013

Baby Emma is Here

Emma Kate arrived this morning - my sister Katie's daughter.  Emma is a girl many have prayed years for and she is finally here.  I know she is an answer to many of my prayers.  I hope Emma always remembers how loved she already is.  Such a beautiful girl!  

Katie is good, besides the fact that all the medicine from the c-section is making her very nauseous.  She can't keep anything down.  Emma is very good, weighing 5 pounds, 13 ounces.  Her blood sugar was low, so they were able to get that more stable.  But, in order to keep it stable, Emma can't be held much, not even by her mom.  We don't want her burning too much sugar and having her numbers dip too low.  

These are some preliminary pictures.  I plan to take Ryan's camera and get some more professional looking ones tomorrow.


Laura said...

Please tell Katie and Renny that we love them and congratulations!!! Emma Kate is so beautiful. What a lucky girl to have such awesome older brothers to look after her. Thanks Kathryn!

mad white woman said...

This made me tear up... sometimes births seem extra special considering the circumstances. I'm so happy for Katie and her family.