Population: 6 - Ryan, Kathryn, Lucy, Elsa, Leta, Annie

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer 2013

For the first time since this summer started we had a free day at home.  No babysitting, no extra kids, no events planned, no stressful deadline.

So we relaxed and the girls watched a little TV while I took a nice long shower.  We ate a lot of summer fruit, cleaned, walked our neighbor's dogs, I worked on creating a Primary Program while the girls played spies, we gardened, played in sprinklers, read books, journaled, swam with cousins (I cheated and allowed some extra family over), detangled Barbie hair, ate strawberry pie, danced, and thoroughly enjoyed our free day.  There was some fighting, some grumpy moments, but I could get used to this schedule!

June was a very very busy and wonderful month, but I'm hoping July is a tad more relaxing.

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